Dentures Baltimore, MD

Dentures are a common restorative dentistry option that replace missing teeth and surrounding gum tissue. Horizon Family Dental Care offers high-quality full, partial, and implant dentures in Baltimore, MD to accommodate each patient’s needs. Today’s dentures offer an effective solution for tooth loss and are more natural looking than ever before.

We offer many types of dentures in Baltimore, MD.

About Full and Partial Dentures

Traditional full and partial dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. They are made of bases and false teeth in a denture lab from impressions of patient’s teeth. The denture base is the part that connects the false teeth to the soft tissues of the gum.

What are Full Dentures?

Full dentures are for patients who are missing an entire row of teeth. We can use them for the upper or lower jaw. They consist of an acrylic base with the false teeth attached to it. We will custom-design the piece to fit over the gums. It is secured in place with the proper anatomical fit, a suctioning effect, and muscle control. You can also use a specific adhesive if you need additional security.

What are Partial Dentures?

A partial denture is similar to a complete denture but only replaces a few teeth instead of the whole arch. The framework consists of the replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. It has metal brackets that clamp on to the remaining teeth to anchor the piece in place. We will custom-design it to fit the contours of your gums and gaps.

Adjusting to New Dentures

New dentures, partial or complete, will feel bulky and uncomfortable in the mouth at first. Some patients may even develop sores in the mouth. It will take some time to adjust to wearing and using it. A precise fit precise fit will ensure a smooth transition.

Adjusting to dentures will take some time and patience. We will give you specific instructions to follow for wearing them. Eating will be difficult at first. However, if you start with soft foods and gradually introduce harder foods, you should be able to adjust. For most patients, it takes at least a month to adjust to dentures. However, it may take longer for some patients.

How To Care for Dentures

Caring for your new prosthesis is very vital to its longevity. It will also help maintain your oral health. You must remove them daily for cleaning and to rest your gums. Brush them with a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive cleaner to remove food particles and plaque. We suggest not wearing them while you sleep. Instead, soak them in water or a mild denture-soaking solution to maintain their shape. Rinse them before wearing them again.

Denture Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to making sure your dentures fit and work properly. They will begin to loosen over time due to bone loss in the jaw. Also, they will endure everyday wear and tear. When you visit your dentist regularly, properly maintaining your dentures is simple.

Your dentist will inspect your prosthesis at every appointment and inform you if repairs are necessary. You must inform your dentist if your denture does not fit properly anymore. A poor fitting restoration can result in inflammation of the tissue under the denture and other oral health issues. As the fit of your denture changes, common repairs include:

  • Reline: adding new material to the inside surface of the denture to improve its fit against the gums.
  • Rebase: replacing the acrylic base with new material while keeping the existing false teeth.

What are Denture Implants?

While traditional dentures are a great choice for patients missing most or all of their teeth, denture implants offer more benefits to patients missing teeth. This solution uses two to eight dental implants to secure a denture on the top or bottom arch.

Dental implants are titanium posts that a dentist must surgically place in the jaw bone. The metal fixtures will fuse to the bone over a few months. Here, they will act as replacement tooth roots and create a durable platform for the custom dental restoration.

Denture Implants in Baltimore, MD

Denture implants offer patients better stability and comfort compared to traditional dentures. They reduce the risk of slipping or movement offering a more natural feel and chewing ability. However, the process to receive this type of denture will take longer and cost more.

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