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At Horizon Family Dental Care, we want our patients to achieve the smile of their dreams. Our professional dentists make it their mission to provide high-quality and comfortable treatment options tailored to the needs of each patient. By working with patients as individuals, our dentists are able to pinpoint any developing dental problems before they worsen. In addition, our dentists can provide solutions that improve the oral health and overall health of patients of all ages.

On this page, we welcome you to learn more about patient information for Horizon Family Dental Care serving Hanover, La Plata, Clinton, and Baltimore, MD. Feel free to ask our dental staff any questions you may have about current dental concerns or any of our treatment options during your visit with us. Our goal is to provide a personalized patient experience so that we can work with you to support your long-term dental health and wellness.

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Common Dental FAQs

There are many questions that patients commonly ask when it comes to their dental care:

Are you accepting new patients to your dental office?

Yes, Horizon Family Dental Care has multiple locations in Clinton, La Plata, Baltimore, and Hanover. We are accepting new patients to these locations. You can schedule your dental consultation with us online or call the closest office to you.

What can I expect during routine dental cleanings?

At regular dental appointments, our dental hygienists clean patients’ teeth and gums. Our hygienists use specialized dental tools to provide a thorough clean. Before your cleaning, we may also take x-rays and screen you for oral health problems. X-rays are a diagnostic tool that allows us to find signs of decay, infection, cysts, and even wisdom teeth. If we find any problems, we will help create a custom treatment plan.

Does your dental office treat families?

Yes, we are a family dental office that can see each member of your family for routine care. From pediatric to geriatric patients, from babies to teens to adults, we can help prevent customized dental care. Our team helps new parents care for their child’s teeth and offers older adult patients cosmetic and restorative care to enhance their smiles. No matter the age of our patients, our goal is to offer the highest quality of care.

What do I do if I have a dental emergency?

Contact our dental office as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency. Some of the most common emergencies that we can treat in-office include tooth pain, broken dental restorations, and knocked-out permanent teeth. Addressing these dental problems promptly can prevent the spread of infection, ensure a stable bite, and prevent bone loss.

What can I do about sensitive teeth?

If you are sensitive to temperature or suffer from frequent toothaches, your toothpaste may be the issue. Oftentimes, sensitive teeth are irritated by an excess of hydrogen peroxide. Using toothpaste that is formulated with sensitivity in mind can diminish tooth pain. However, tooth sensitivity may also be a sign of a gum or tooth infection. Contact our office if you notice sudden pain and sensitivity. We can evaluate your smile and provide treatment if we do find a problem.

How can I treat bad breath?

Bad breath, or halitosis, is caused by a buildup of bacteria and food particles in the mouth. Poor oral hygiene exacerbates bad breath and can also cause gum and tooth infections. Brushing and flossing twice a day as well as receiving professional routine cleanings help fight off bad breath. Remember to brush or scrape your tongue, as this overlooked area of the mouth can easily accumulate bacteria.

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