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Periodontal Disease Treatment Horizon Family Dental Care

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, is a common yet damaging oral health issue. Gum disease can not only affect the health of the teeth and gums but also the patient’s overall health. The early stages of gum disease are marked by gum inflammation or gingivitis. Gingivitis is caused by bacteria that build upon the teeth and gums. If bacteria enter the gums, they can reach the bloodstream. This can exacerbate heart problems like heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks.

We offer periodontal disease treatment to restore smiles in Baltimore, MD. Periodontal disease treatment is a restorative dentistry treatment Horizon Family Dental Care Baltimore provides. Please contact us if you have noticed any changes in the health of your gums. Our team can help reverse these problems and improve your oral health and overall health.

Treat Gum Disease in Baltimore, Maryland

Common Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum inflammation and gum disease can appear in a variety of ways, often through:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Tender and red gums
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Toothaches
  • Gum recession
  • A change in the bite position
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss

Let our team know if you have noticed any of these symptoms of gingivitis and periodontitis. We can help you schedule a consultation where we will examine your smile and create a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Gum Disease Treatment

Antibacterial rinses are the preliminary treatment that we recommend if patients have noticed the signs of gum inflammation. These types of rinses fight off harmful bacteria that cause bleeding, red, and irritated gums. Scaling and root planing are treatments we can provide at routine appointments to stave off gum disease. Our dental hygienists use specialized dental tools to clean the gums during these treatments. For scaling treatment, our hygienists remove plaque from around the gums.

Root planing removes plaque from beneath the gums. It also smooths the tooth roots, which help them reattach to the teeth. Dental lasers can also be used to treat gum disease. Lasers use light and heat to remove an infection from the soft tissues of the mouth.

Preventing Gum Disease

The best defense against periodontal disease is good oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene involves daily care at home every single day. Also, it involves visiting your dentist often. Patients of all ages should be brushing at least twice a day (if not more) with a fluoride based toothpaste. Flossing at least once a day will remove any food particles that may get stuck. Using mouthwash is also a good way to control bacteria in your mouth that can lead to gum disease. You should schedule a dentist appointment every six months. Here we will check for signs of gum disease. If we discover signs of gingivitis, we will offer prompt treatment. Also, we will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove bacteria filled plaque and tartar that can hide in many places in your mouth.

Request a Dental Consultation

Do you want to reverse gum irritation and inflammation? Schedule a dental appointment with the team at Horizon Family Dental Care today. We will take your budget, goals, history, and concerns into account to find the right dental solution for you. Our team tailors treatment to each patient.