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All On Four Horizon Family Dental Care

Are you missing full arches of permanent teeth? All-On-Four treatment may be right for you. Horizon Family Dental Care provides All-On-Four as a restorative dental treatment option for patients in Baltimore, MD. Also known as “teeth in a day”, All-On-Four treatment allows patients to receive a full set of teeth as soon as possible.

With this restoration, we can provide patients with prosthetics for their upper and lower arches of teeth in a timely and comfortable manner. Our offices use TeethXpress®, an implant-supported denture system. This treatment allows us to use four, five, or six dental implants to secure your dentures.

Contact our La Plata, Hanover, Clinton, or Baltimore dental office if you are missing one or more full arches of teeth and we will help you get the treatment you need.

Teeth in a Day in Baltimore, Maryland

All-On-Four vs. Traditional Dentures

All-On-Four TeethXpress treatment provides multiple benefits that traditional dentures often cannot offer to patients. A traditional denture is removable and relies on suction and adhesive to remain in place. This is not always reliable. They are known to shift around in the mouth leading to slurred speech and make it difficult to eat harder and chewier foods. Many people simply feel that dentures are uncomfortable and have a hard time adjusting to wearing them. They can be very bulky and noticeable. Since they do not replace the teeth at the root, denture wearers will suffer from bone loss. This will change how the denture fits and they will have to fixed or replaced.

With All-On-Four, patients can eat and even speak naturally with little dietary restrictions. It also comes with a shorter treatment and recovery time. Patients can receive immediate dentures that fit securely in the mouth. They will improve the look and function of their teeth. This restorative treatment will replace the teeth roots allowing for the jaw bone to regenerate. Patients who choose All-On-Four TeethXpress treatment will not suffer from bone loss in the jaw, a common problem with traditional dentures.

All-On-Four Treatment

For the best results possible, our team makes sure that each patient is in good health prior to treatment. We can provide treatments for gum and tooth infections to ensure that patients are good candidates for All-On-Four. The process involves a surgery so you must be healthy enough to undergo that.

To begin the All-On-Four treatment, we take x-rays and examine the mouth to determine where to place the implants, as well as how many need to be placed to secure the arch or arches of prosthetic teeth. Then, an oral surgeon will place the dental implants. Implants are titanium posts that act as anchors for prosthetic teeth and teeth roots. Lastly, after a healing process of 3 to 6 months, during which the implants fuse with the jawbone, we place the dentures. The dentures are custom made to blend in naturally with your smile.

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