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Meet Dr. Pooja Patel

Dr. Pooja grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to the area to attend the University of Maryland College Park.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in physiology and neurobiology. She went on to get her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree from the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry. She then pursued an advanced education in general dentistry residency in New York.

Dr. Pooja focuses on comprehensive and preventive dental care with great emphasis on patient comfort and care. She is Invisalign and implant certified.

Dr. Pooja enjoys connecting with her patients, whether it’s talking about their families, pets, or exchanging cooking tips and recipes!

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Meet Dr. Shalini Sethi

Shalini Sethi, DDS, is a highly skilled periodontist that has been practicing in private practice for more than 15 years.

Dr. Sethi attended the University of Maryland College Park where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. After graduating college, Dr. Sethi attended the University of Maryland at Baltimore Dental School and then went on to complete a one-year General Residency at the Miami VA hospital.

Dr. Sethi developed a passion for surgery after training at the VA hospital. She then was accepted into the prestigious three-year residency at the world-renowned Periodontics program at the University of Pennsylvania. She trained with the masters and innovators of Periodontics and has expanded her clinical knowledge to become a speaker and consultant for implant companies as well as training other doctors in surgeries.

Dr. Sethi also loves to help people and travel and is able to intertwine her passions by going on dental mission trips to Vietnam and the Dominican Republic with Operation Smile. She contributes her dental expertise to the under-served population and assisting with cleft lip and palate surgeries. She has also participated in local community services that help patients with no dental insurance.

Dr. Sethi is a native of Maryland and has been Baltimore’s Top Doctors for 2013 and 2019. She loves being a clinician and most importantly developing a comfortable relationship between her and the patients.

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Meet Our Staff

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Michele Rice

V.P. of Operations

Michele Rice

Leanne Newman

R.D.H., C.O.O.

Leanne Newman

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Do you have dull, discolored, or stained teeth? In our Clinton, MD dental office, we provide treatments to brighten discolored teeth. Common causes of tooth discoloration include tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, pigmented foods and beverages, and certain medications and medical conditions.

All of our dental services have treatment options that can brighten the teeth and address problems like missing teeth, dental injuries, and routine dental hygiene.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Horizon Family Dental Care, patients can whiten their teeth using take-home and in-office professional teeth whitening treatment as well as cosmetic dental options that brighten the tooth enamel. Whitening the tooth enamel professionally or covering deep stains with dental bonding or porcelain veneers enhances the appearance of the smile. It is also easier for us to evenly whiten teeth when they are straight and uniform. We recommend Invisalign for patients with moderate orthodontic problems.

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General Dentistry

General, preventative dental care and good oral hygiene can remove staining caused by foods and beverages that cling to the tooth enamel. At routine dental visits, our dental hygienists provide a deeper clean using special dental tools. Cleaning the teeth in this way can remove superficial stains. As a family dental office, we are proud to offer our dental services to patients of all ages. Maintaining the smile not only brightens teeth but also prevents dental emergencies and tooth infections. However, if patients require preventative care including tooth extractions or custom mouthguards, we can help.

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Restorative Dentistry

Replacing missing teeth not only creates a fuller and healthier smile but can be color-matched to natural teeth or brighten the teeth altogether. Dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, and All On Four restorations are capped off with dental crowns. Tooth crowns can be brightened to blend in with other natural teeth or whiten the smiles of patients with missing teeth altogether.

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Teeth Whitening

Dental veneers and tooth bonding treatment are great cosmetic dental options for patients with deep tooth stains. Intrinsic staining, which is caused by the inner layer of the tooth, called dentin, cannot be treated with professional whitening. These deep stains can be covered by dental bonding material and porcelain veneers. Dental bonding uses biocompatible material that is color-matched to teeth. This material is shaped onto the front of the tooth to add structure and brighten the smile.

We offer in-office and take-home teeth whitening for patients with extrinsic dental stains. Extrinsic staining is caused by pigmented foods, beverages, tobacco products, and other external factors that discolor the tooth enamel. The whitening treatment that we provide in our office uses a professional-grade whitening solution that is applied to the teeth. Before applying the gel, we ensure that the gums are protected from irritation with a barrier. We repeat the whitening process several times until patients achieve their desired enamel shade.

Take-home teeth whitening uses custom trays and whitening gel that are worn for specified amounts of time. Patients who would like to try take-home treatment will need to visit our office so we can take impressions of their teeth. These dental impressions are used as the basis for their whitening trays. Once complete, patients will return to our office for their custom trays and instructions on how to use the trays at home.

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