Common Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

Everyone’s smile is unique. Sometimes, that uniqueness can manifest itself in ways that affect your oral health and the visual impact of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry in Baltimore, MD, could help improve the look of your smile as well as the health and strength of your teeth. However, there are many misconceptions about cosmetic treatment that often turn patients away. The more you know about the truths of cosmetic dentistry, the more confidence you can have when seeking treatment.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in BALTIMORE MD is more affordable and necessary than you may initially think

Myths and Truths About Cosmetic Dentistry in Baltimore, MD

Myth: Cosmetic Treatment is Purely Cosmetic

Truth: Many dentists will recommend cosmetic procedures for restorative and preventative needs. For example, say you have a fracture in your tooth. In many cases, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to provide protection and prevent further damage. But if the affected tooth is in your smile line, a porcelain veneer may be the better option. Veneers also provide strength and safety for your teeth but are crafted with the look of your smile in mind. In this way, cosmetic treatment provides both an aesthetic boost and restoration for your bite.

Myth: Insurance Won’t Cover Cosmetic Treatment

Truth: While many insurance companies are more restrictive with cosmetic procedures, it’s not impossible to get coverage. If your treatment is restorative or preventative in nature, you may be able to get partial coverage. Your dentist will work with you to help ensure your insurance claim has the narrative, X-rays, and photos necessary to secure coverage.

Myth: Cosmetic Treatment is a Lengthy Process

Truth: Unless you’re getting full-mouth reconstruction, cosmetic treatment usually isn’t a very long process. Some treatment options, such as dental bonding, can even be performed in one appointment. However, many cosmetic procedures tend to take two appointments. During the first, your dentist will prepare your teeth and take impressions. They’ll then fabricate a temporary restoration while waiting for the permanents to be made. At your second appointment, your dentist will remove the temporaries and set the permanents.

Myth: Cosmetic Treatment is Expensive

Truth: Like with any other treatment, cosmetic dentistry has both high and low price ranges depending on what kind of procedures you need. Dental bonding, for example, can provide benefits similar to porcelain veneers but at a lower cost. When seeking cosmetic treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with your dentist. They can provide a few different treatment options depending on your budget. They’ll also work with you, your insurance, and potentially third-party lenders (i.e., CareCredit) to help you get the financing you need for treatment.

Myth: Cosmetic Dentistry Takes Away Your Unique Smile

Truth: Cosmetic dentistry is fully customizable to what you want. You have control over how you want your smile to look when all is said and done. While your dentist can make recommendations based on your bite and facial structure, you get to decide how much or how little you want to change in your smile.

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