Dental Care & Your Health

Did you know that the condition of your smile can affect your overall health and wellness? Our oral health can impact our body’s ability to fight infection, eat a healthy diet, and many other factors that influence your daily quality of life. Keeping your teeth and gums stable and healthy is essential and is part of overall physical health and wellness.

Why Visit the Dentist Regularly?

Routine dental care is focused on prevention- preventing decay and gum disease are top priorities. When you visit our Baltimore area dental care team, we look for early signs of developing dental concerns. The goal of general preventive dental care is to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums through screenings, exams, and cleanings. When caught and treated in the early stages, many dental problems can be resolved with conservative treatment options. This means treatment that is less invasive and often less costly.

Our goal is to get to know you as an individual at regular dental care visits. Learning more about your overall health, lifestyle habits, and other factors impacting your dental health helps us provide dental care that is tailored to your needs.

The Mouth-Body Connection

Many studies have been done on how oral health and complex dental problems impact our overall wellness. Poor oral health is a known factor in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and other conditions related to internal inflammation. One of the most common factors in this correlation is advanced gum disease. Periodontitis now only affects the gums; it also affects the stability of the teeth and can allow harmful bacteria in the mouth to enter the bloodstream. The pockets that gum disease can create around tooth roots compromise the ability of gum tissue to prevent bacteria from crossing into the bloodstream, a key function of healthy gums. These pockets can also lead to shifting teeth and even tooth loss.

Routine dental care can often prevent the development of gum disease. We can address any early warning signs when you visit twice a year and provide guidance on keeping the gums healthy between visits. If you have other medical concerns or are diabetic, we can work with you to maintain gum health which can be affected by the disease and some prescribed medications. It has also been shown that in diabetic patients, keeping the gums healthy supports better overall disease management, including controlling blood sugars.

Our dental care team is equipped to meet your oral health needs in our Baltimore dentist office. Highly trained and committed to an exceptional patient experience, we look forward to helping you enjoy a smile that is healthy and vibrant.