The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

As we age, it’s natural for our teeth to lose some of their vibrancy and shine. Everyday activities, such as drinking coffee, can contribute to staining and discoloration. Even certain medical conditions or prescriptions can affect the color of our teeth. Professional teeth whitening in Baltimore, MD, could help restore your smile back to its natural luster. While there are over-the-counter whitening methods available, most patients see better, and safer, results with professional whitening methods. 

Teeth Whitening in Baltimore MD could help improve the look of your smile

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening in Baltimore, MD

Over-the-counter whitening methods may be able to help brighten your smile, but they tend not to be as effective as professional treatments. Your dentist can provide you with a stronger concentration of the whitening agent used in at-home whitening kits. For even quicker results, you may be able to get in-office whitening treatment as well. Working with a professional cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening can offer many benefits for your smile and oral health. 

Quicker, Brighter Results

The higher concentration of the whitening agent in professional treatments means you could expect whiter teeth. At-home whitening kits from the dentist typically start to produce results within a week or two. In-office whitening methods are usually a lot quicker, able to provide an instant boost to the brightness of your smile. Seeking teeth whitening through your dental office could help provide quicker results that meet your cosmetic goals. 

Safer Treatment

When you opt for at-home teeth whitening, your dentist will make a custom-made tray to fit your teeth. Using a custom tray helps ensure that the whitening gel reaches all areas of your teeth for a smoother finish. It also helps reduce the chance of damage to your teeth or gums. Whitening strips and one-size-fits-all whitening trays tend to be less effective in treatment and more dangerous to your oral health. 

Additional Procedures

Whitening your teeth isn’t the only way cosmetic dentistry can help you meet your smile goals. Your dentist may be able to recommend additional procedures that might improve your smile even further. For example, teeth whitening paired with porcelain veneers could help brighten and straighten your smile. When you go to the dentist for professional teeth whitening, you can also get recommendations that could help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Payment for Whitening

Many patients choose over-the-counter whitening methods because they appear less expensive than professional treatment. But if you worry about the cost of teeth whitening, there may be financing options available. Your dentist may offer a payment plan to help you get the treatment you need. Also, you might be eligible for an interest-free loan through a third-party lender, such as CareCredit.

If you want to hide your smile away due to discoloration, professional teeth whitening may be the answer. At Horizon Family Dental Care, we offer a range of cosmetic procedures that could help you reach your smile goals. Call us today at 410-774-5167 to schedule a consultation and see if whitening is right for you.