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Our dentists and our team realize that dental insurance can be both confusing and frustrating at times, so we’re here to answer any questions that you may have to help you better understand how insurance works.

If my insurance isn’t going to cover everything, why does it say that the procedure was covered 100 percent?
When a dental insurance says that they pay 100 percent of a procedure, they mean that they cover 100 percent of what the insurance provider allows as payment towards that procedure. Say that your provider allows $80.00 as the 100 percent payment for an examination, but your dentist charges $90.00 for the examination. This means that that you will owe just $10.00.

If my insurance doesn’t cover this treatment, should I have another treatment done instead?
Never let what insurance will and won’t cover decide what dental treatment you have. It is the dentist’s responsibility to recommend the dental treatments that are best for your smile. Your insurance provider has the sole responsibility of controlling payments.

Why should I have insurance if I always have to pay out-of-pocket when I go to the dentist?
Remember that even though dental insurance may not cover the whole cost of a dental procedure, it still covers something. This lessens your out-of-pocket expenses.

We invite you to come to us with all of your dental insurance questions. To schedule your next visit with our dentists in Clinton, Maryland, please call Horizon Family Dental Care at 301-868-3203 today.