Do you need to replace a full arch of teeth? Dr. Horizon Family offers TeethXpress® to help you regain an attraction, functional and natural looking smile. With these implant-supported dentures, you can once again enjoy for favorite foods and perform daily activities such as speaking, smiling and chewing with confidence. Horizon Family Dental Care is a certified provider of TeethXpress in Clinton, Maryland, and we welcome you to contact us at 301-868-3203 to schedule a consultation with our dentist and find out if this treatment is right for you!

TeethXpress provides many advantages. Perhaps the largest advantage is that it halts bone loss. When you lose a tooth, the supporting bone in that area begins to deteriorate, causing your other teeth to shift out of position. When implants are placed, they halt this bone loss. Implants replace both the root and crown of the tooth and perform the same functions. Just like your original tooth root, an implant stimulates your supporting jawbone to keep it healthy and strong.

Other common problems that Teeth Xpress resolve include:

  • Difficulty in chewing and the resulting problems with poor nutrition
  • Slurred speech and other sounds, including clicks, whistling or smacking sounds
  • Denture slippage
  • Gum and mouth irritation
  • Pain from poorly fitted dentures

TeethXpress replaces an entire arch of teeth, supporting your new teeth on four, five or six strategically placed dental implants. This entire procedure is completed in as little as one day, allowing you to return to your daily activities and quality of life almost immediately.

We invite you to call us today to make your appointment and learn more about TeethXpress. We look forward to helping you regain your smile.
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