Treat Yourself to Good Dental Health This Year!*


Maryland Residents Are You Getting The Right Tax Refund? Treat Yourself to Good Dental Health This Year!

In Baltimore and everywhere in the U.S. it is that time of year again–tax season! While some people approach April 15 with a sense of dread, some actually look forward to it because

it means they are getting money back from the government. If you are lucky
enough to be getting a tax return, consider investing in yourself and
spending it on your dental needs this year.Many of us have dental work we know we need but have been putting off for
financial reasons. It can be hard to justify spending money on ourselves
when other family or household expenses seem to take higher priority. That
is completely understandable, however, neglecting your own health can also
have expensive consequences. Simply put–it won’t get better on its own
and will only get worse and more costly as time goes on.If you don’t need dental treatment, perhaps you have always wanted to get
some cosmetic work done but didn’t have the extra money. Whether it is
invisible braces to finally get straight teeth or a few veneers to fix a
gap or something as simple as teeth whitening–now may be your opportunity
to finally put yourself first.

So no matter what you may need or be interested in, consider using your

tax return on yourself this year. Feel free to call us anytime at our Baltimore Dental Office
(410)799-9991 to set up a free consultation.